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The Elements of Moral Science (1835)
by Francis Wayland

Price: $4.95
Available for immediate download after purchase.

Product Description

Based on the 1856 edition. Spelling has been modernized. Books 1-2, 246 pages, 35 chapters, with chapter bookmarks. Available in .pdf file format for reading on your PC, e-reader, tablet or smart phone. This is a fully digital edition of this work - it is not a hard copy publication or facsimile edition. This electronic edition © Copyright 2003, 2005 Lonang Institute.  Click here to view this book in its entirety.

"The moral laws of God can never be varied by the institutions of man, any more than the physical laws. The results which God has connected with actions; will inevitably occur, all the created power in the universe to the contrary notwithstanding. Nor can these consequences be eluded or averted, any more then the sequences which follow by the laws of gravitation. * * * Every one who believes God to have established an order of sequences in morals, must see that it is equally absurd, to expect to violate, with impunity, any moral law of the Creator. Yet men have always flattered themselves with the hope that they could violate moral law, and escape the consequences which God has established."    Francis Wayland, from The Elements of Moral Science.
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