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Legal Foundations: Framework of Law
by Gerald R. Thompson

Price: $6.95
Available for immediate download after purchase.

Product Description

This book explores the philosophical and historical roots of the American understanding of the laws of nature and nature's God, and the manner in which the Bible was viewed by the founders as a source of national law. Click here to view this book in its entirety.

Table of Contents:

    Ch. 1 - In Search of Lonang
    Ch. 2 - The Sources Of Law
    Ch. 3 - The Characteristics of Law
    Ch. 4 - Equity Jurisprudence
    Ch. 5 - Covenant Law
    Ch. 6 - Jurisdiction
    Ch. 7 - Legal Institutions
    Ch. 8 - The Bible As Law
    Ch. 9 - The Bible In Legal History
    Ch. 10 - A Christian Nation?

This book has 143 pages, 10 chapters, with chapter bookmarks. Available in .pdf, .epub and .prc file formats for reading on your PC, Kindle, iPhone or iPad, Android, etc. This is a fully digital edition of this work - it is not a hard copy publication. This electronic edition © Copyright 1993, 1998, 2008 Gerald R. Thompson.

"The purpose of every legal system is to declare what is right and wrong, and to establish a means of enforcing those declarations. Hence, every form of jurisprudence has an inherent morality and an intrinsic belief about the nature and existence of God and His law and its relation to us. Since no legal system or belief about law can exist in a moral vacuum, the purpose of jurisprudence is to develop a legal system which best conforms to reality, that is, the legal principles God has imbedded into His creation and His word."    Gerald R. Thompson, from Legal Foundations: Framework of Law.
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