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 Government Forms
Corporation, LLC and Partnership Forms

Business Corporation Bylaws

Comprehensive bylaw forms for business corporations in California, Delaware, Michigan, Texas and other states, and MORE . . .

Intellectual Property Forms

Assignment forms for copyrights, trademarks and patents, copyright and trademark cease and desist letters, and MORE . . .

Limited Liability Company Forms

LLC operating agreements (short, standard, and complex forms), LLC membership purchase, admission and assignment forms, and MORE . . .

Corporate Minutes, Resolutions & Misc.

Organizational minutes for business corporations, annual minutes forms, merger resolutions, indemnification provisions, and MORE . . .

General & Limited Partnership Forms

General partnership agreement, limited partnership agreements, partner repurchase agreement forms, and MORE . . .

Stock & Shareholder Forms

Stock buy-sell agreement, cross purchase agreement, stock redemption agreements, voting trust agreeement, and MORE . . .
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